Thursday, January 12, 2012

Firing off a response...

Ok, so hi, yes, it's been like a year. I get busy, ok? Not like you missed me. But hopefully I'm back. New Year's Resolution and all...

I think the worst part of the Mitt Romney "I like to fire people" thing is that he's getting attacked for all the wrong reasons. Yes, it was an inartful sound bite from a guy who is genetically incapable of knowing better. But when you put it in a little context, it doesn't sound so bad. He's clearly talking about having the choice of providers of services.

But then the funny thing happens, when you pull back a little more, and put the remark in it's complete context, it's even worse than the sound bite. First off, his point was that under the Affordable Care Act, you would no longer be free to choose your insurance company. This is a baldfaced lie (and for someone with hair like his, using the word "bald" in any context is a major slur). Never mind the fact that most of us already get very little choice of our health insurance company (my employer offers one choice, my wife's offers two), being able to choose an insurance company is something that is well preserved in the Affordable Care Act.

So in essence, it's a bad sound bite about a reasonable notion that is at best completely irrelevant to the conversation and at worst a gross distortion of current policy designed to scare gullible people into supporting him with phony common sense. Yep, seems about right for Mittens.

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